Sometimes I wonder “Why’d I stay”.. Why didn’t I just say fuck it & walk away?! 

I know I had every right to… Honestly I probably should have, but I was so stuck on the idea that the man I feel in love with was still their somewhere… Sadly I’m starting to doubt it. 

I love him so damn much & I know what great things he’s capable of, but I’m starting to worry the only thing left if hope & the memory of the man I fell for…

Kinda lost all contact with.. well everyone. Drug relapse, suicidal thoughts, potty learning, school preparation and pregnancy scare have really taken a toll on me, and my social life..

Now that Robs back home, mentally I’m in a better place, and basically everything’s back to normal… I’m not exactly what I’m hoping, I just need to start opening up again, cause I cant keep doing this alone.